Google Penguin 2.0 Recovery

If you have noticed a sharp & sudden drop in your website’s rankings, you might have been hit by the Google’s Penguin penalty.

Digital web Research’s Link Detox experts are certified by Link Research Tools (LRT). They offer a tried & tested method with the proven results to get your website back on the top of search results. Starting with an inclusive link-detox of your site to identifying the entire factors leading to the drop in rankings, our Google recovery service providing team takes the complete care of the entire details so you do not have to.

The Link Detox Process


icon 2 Compile a complete list of the entire links pointing towards your domain.
icon 2 Conduct a manual checking of every domain and determining whether it meets the Google’s guidelines.
icon 2 Contact the webmasters on your behalf having low quality & unnatural links removed.
icon 2Submit the left over low-quality links to Disavow Tool in the Google Webmaster tools.

The link detox procedure can be some tricky as the Google's guidelines are open for the interpretation. Which of the links should you keep & which would you disavow? Reclaiming the rankings after Penguin Update requires the experience & at Digital Web Research we have adequately.
We have effectively helped several of our & several others disavow unnatural back-links & quickly recover the lost rankings.
Check out our Google Penguin recovery process and Get the Penguin recovery process started!